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Steinway Grand Piano Soundfont D ((LINK))

I've recently put the finishing touches on some detailed (6 velocity-layered) pianos including a nice version of the Salamander Grand (Yamaha C5 plus a Large Concert Grand version with extra resonance), a new rich sounding piano called Chateau Grand (based on a Kawai) and an Upright Piano.Demo of Large Concert Grand: Demo of the bright version of the Chateau Grand: -nebauer/chataeu-grand-demoMellow versions are also available.Best of all all these pianos are downloadable for free: Enjoy,John

Steinway Grand Piano Soundfont D


Since posting this I have also finished a Steinway Grand which might be a good fit for some looking for a piano with some soul.Demo of sound here: -nebauer/steinway-grand-classical-demoThe Soundfont called Nice-Steinway-v3.2 is downloadable for free from my site (Edit: Version 3.3 released today - velocity layeres increased from 6 to 12)

Since many other folks use Soundblaster or SF2 format compatible sound cards for MIDI playback, I thought I would share the piano soundfont file I created with those of you using cards which allow for sample uploads.

Mr. Anthony Ponaras, another member of the Northern Virginia Ragtime Society, graciously allowed me to spend a great many hours recording his 1897 Steinway model-C (7foot,5inch) grand piano. I collected several gigabytes of piano samples, recording each of the 88 notes at several strike velocities.

NOTICE FOR "SOUNDBLASTER LIVE!" SOUNDCARD USERS: The SB-Live card is limited to a maximum useful soundfont size of 32MB. While you can load larger soundfonts into the card, only the first 32MB of samples will play. The rest will be muted. This means my larger (40MB, 80MB, etc.) piano soundfonts will not work properly on the SB-Live card. They will, however, work with the newer Audigy cards.

A piano with a unique voice of its own. A voice that immediately sweetens the ear and grabs the heart. From the softest stroke of silk to the hammering hands of a rockstar. A voice that sounds mature. Like a perfectly aged singer.Easy, right? We traveled to all the major Piano stores in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and audited over 400 grand pianos. We tried them all. The big, modern, opulent grands. Exotic Pianos. Vintage pianos. The small and intimate felt uprights.


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