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Where To Buy Impact Windows

There are a lot of hurricane approved windows on the market, but none that maximize protection and energy efficiency like Eco Storm Coastal Windows. Our Eco Storm hurricane windows are nearly impervious to the elements, and represent a combination of durability, safety, and efficiency unlike anything else on the market. In fact, with the addition of LoE3 366 glass and argon gas feature, Eco Storm windows are the most energy efficient hurricane window available in the U.S.

where to buy impact windows

In addition to efficiency, the Eco Storm windows provide unprecedented safety. Our coastal windows are Miami-Dade and Broward County Florida Approved, and tested in a certified AAMA lab site. All of our hurricane windows are scrutinized and tested according to commercial architectural standards, and are rated to endure conditions far more intense than most forces of nature. All Eco Storm windows are backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and sash with exclusive 20-year coverage for accidental glass breakage.Start Your Window Order Now & See Pricing

Impact windows and doors are designed to resist shattering when struck. Engineered with laminated glass, hurricane windows are held in place by a durable interlayer that stays intact even upon serious impact, protecting against the most extreme weather elements. They also provide increased home security, noise reduction, and convenience.

PGT custom windows and doors are built to meet the needs, priorities, location, and budget of your home renovation. We offer impact windows and hurricane doors, along with non-impact options, with many benefits.

Our aluminum and vinyl windows and doors come in a wide range of styles to maximize your curb appeal and take your interiors to the next level while increasing hurricane protection, energy efficiency, and much more.

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You can take steps now to protect yourself and your property against the power of the wind in a hurricane. And never have to board up your home, or put up shutters, or pull accordion shutters in each room and door ever again with impact windows.

Living on the coast comes with a lot of benefits. Worrying about the safety of your home during hurricane season isn't one of them. Our hurricane strength* windows and patio doors are designed, engineered and manufactured to withstand severe coastal weather conditions. Andersen windows and doors with Stormwatch protection offer our greatest level of hurricane strength* protection for your coastal home.

Andersen products with Stormwatch protection are designed and tested to meet the tough building code requirements* in coastal areas. Choose from a variety of windows and doors with style options that are built to stand up to Mother Nature, while offering design flexibility to help make your home one of a kind.

Watch as we fire a 9 pound 2X4 at 35 mph into an Andersen Patio Door with Stormwatch Protection. This testing shows that impact-resistant glass provides wind-borne debris protection and maintains structural integrity of the unit after impact.

These types of hurricane windows are the strongest you can buy. HomeAdvisor puts the average cost of materials for aluminum frames around $160 per window. This low-maintenance option can last up to 45 years.

HomeAdvisor states that the average cost of installing hurricane-proof windows on an entire home ranges from $2,449 and $13,395, or $7,922 on average. That comes to about $55 per square foot of window. Each window, depending on size and customization, ranges between $90 and $400.

Depending on whether you go with triple-track hurricane windows or the double-pane option, the cost will vary. The former option is significantly more affordable, ranging from about $30 to $50. While the latter choice may cost anywhere from $400 to $800.

There are a variety of factors that affect the cost of hurricane windows. The brand, window size and glass type are important considerations when determining cost. Furthermore, the installation also will affect the overall price tag.

Increased costs in hurricane windows and installation are due to the actual material used in the windows manufacturing. The best hurricane windows are made with quality materials, thus ensuring superior protection against harsh climatic conditions. As a homeowner, you need to understand that how you spend on your windows can affect their overall performance as protectors against violent storms.

Typically made from vinyl, aluminum or wood, hurricane windows can help save your house from the damaging effects of a tornado or hurricane. Each material has its own qualities, appearance, benefits, maintenance level and price. Some frame materials provide better insulation than others. Listed below are the different frame materials and their average costs of installation.

The price of hurricane windows will vary greatly depending on the type you choose; however, many brands offer a range of quality and budget choices. The important thing is to install appropriate protections in your home so that it can weather any storm.

Hurricane windows are smart investments for anyone who wants to protect their home from extreme weather conditions and prepare for storms. Hurricane windows should be installed before any storm, as they help with noise reduction, increased energy efficiency and reduced home insurance costs. Installing hurricane windows has many advantages and helps make your house more energy-efficient

One-time hurricane window installation is the most efficient, cost-effective way to protect your home from strong winds and shattering glass. All hurricane windows are custom-fit and built to last. Also, some brands provide a manufacturer warranty to ensure your hurricane windows are always intact.

The cost of having custom impact window glass installed will likely be significantly higher. But on average, expect to pay an average of $8,000 for installation. The range is quite expensive based on the service, material and professional you choose, but it can be between $2,600 and $14,000.

While it may cost more than standard windows, hurricane protection is worth the investment. Homeowners may experience sticker shock when finding out how much hurricane windows cost, not to mention the additional costs associated with the installation. But those costs must be weighed against the benefits of having stronger, safer windows.

If you are a real estate developer, you might be wondering how to choose hurricane proof windows so that you can shield your clients against the ever-threatening forces of nature. If you are enthusiastic about learning how to choose hurricane proof windows, here are some few factors that you can incorporate in your real estate development company.

One of the major factors that you need to incorporate when choosing hurricane glass windows is the ability to resist corrosion from the salty water from the sea. They are likely to corrode with ease, which makes them even more vulnerable to hurricanes and other strong winds. However, corrosion-resistant hurricane proof windows will serve you for many years without being affected by salty water.

If you want to be on the right side of the law, make sure that you buy high impact glass windows that meet the local building codes. Both Federal and state governments have various codes that should be met when it comes to glass windows. Although the Federal building codes might be very generic, Florida building codes pay huge attention to hurricane and other storms. Most of the window manufacturers in Florida understand the local building codes and it would be better to buy from them.

As highlighted above, locally manufactured hurricane impact windows have met all the necessary building codes. They have also been made to meet the environmental and climatic conditions of Florida and the Caribbean. Window manufacturers in Miami Florida understand the prevailing temperatures and winds, which means that your windows will withstand any conditions.

Buying locally manufactured windows means that you are significantly cutting on tax and stamp duty related expenses. You will also get your windows from the local manufacturer, which further eliminates or lowers transportation costs. However, it is important to highlight that hurricane impact windows are premium building glasses that are available at premium prices. By paying above the market rate, you are guaranteeing yourself high-quality and durable glass windows.

Now that you know how to choose hurricane proof windows, it is time to order these products for your next project. EGS International is a leading manufacturer of high-performance impact glass windows. We have been in the industry for more than 30 years. Contact us for quick delivery.

Take a look at this wind map illustrating the wind-borne debris regions present in the state of Florida, including adjustments made as part of the 2010 Florida Building Code (FBC). As these affected regions continue to expand (the green area indicates expansion included in the 2010 FBC), the necessity of choosing impact windows will become even more important.

Beyond the broken glass and damaged property, choosing weak, non-impact windows can unleash a whole other host of challenges on the property owner. Higher noise levels. Higher property insurance premiums. Lower resale value. Lower intruder protection. Less UV protection for furniture and items within the home. 041b061a72


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