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[S4E18] Lucky

After complaining loudly in a tiny store, Rory is flummoxed when she runs into Lindsay, who has clearly heard everything. The most damning line Rory utters is, "I mean, why doesn't she get a job. What does she do all day?" Yikes. Maybe Lindsay is one of those lucky chicks with a trust fund and never has to work a day in her life. Maybe she's applying for jobs but hasn't found the right one yet. What's it to you, Rory? Maybe spend some time complaining about DEAN instead of blaming Lindsay for all of his decisions that you find disagreeable.

[S4E18] Lucky

Today is an unlucky day for Poby. He is the only one who doesn't catch a fish during ice-fishing. And just as he's about to win the sled race a clump of falling snow derails his victory. When everyone is going by the train, Poby's train car wheel breaks, so he decides to use the boat. When he arrives, he thinks of bringing a fishing net so that he can fish. He goes back home and when he goes back to the boat, the boat is gone because he unties the boat before leaving home.

The team starts the inquiries from Abby and Natalie. They had lost contact after being separated. Abby, the younger one, was lucky to land with a good family, but Natalie, since she was older, was bounced from one family to another, never landing a permanent placement. Besides, Natalie always thought her mother was a failure and was angry at her for supposedly abandoning them. Natalie also tells the team that at a homeless shelter, Marlene angered a woman named Vita who had tried to claim the bed they were assigned. The young woman had threatened Marlene and stormed off.

Glassman decides to talk to Lim about his issues with Debbie, and she tells him the reason her marriage ended was that her ex was threatened by her, which led him to become overbearing. Lea successfully repairs Shaun's ankle, and as they head to a nearby hospital in an ambulance, the EMT tells Shaun he's lucky to someone like Lea by his side. Park and Morgan's patient wakes up from his surgery, and while Morgan still believes he should stop injecting mushrooms, she tells him that growing them might be what helped him deal with his depression. 041b061a72


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